eye think lab

group action
Here is a video of 120 students, each holding a response handset. Every press of a 1 or a 3 nudges the man right or left. Together the class is keeping him balanced on the tightrope.
We hope that this tightrope game, and others like it will help us understand how people think and act as a group, whether they are a market, a rioting mob, or an electorate.

Since the it is all about group action, I have decided to make this research project entirely open source. All our data is available here, and I invite anyone to download it, try some analyses and propose further hypotheses. It is the first psychology experiment (I think) with data from over a hundred people interacting simultaneously; I would be happy if it was the first psychology paper with over 100 authors similarly cooperating.

You can read the write up of our first experiment, or return the eye think lab main research page.